What is the result of waiting?

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 22 5 月, 2005

In my opinion
everyone is waiting for their own result in their life!
The results may be good or bad,
but they must come.
The results depend on what they did.
I have spent my 24 years in my life,
I often think about what is the result at the end of my life?
In fact,
I feel there will have someting to happen.
They are what I worry about in my heart.
May be the course is what I have done.
But I think I have tried my best do what I can do.
Don’t I must follow my life?
I just can do my best,
I can’t order anyone to do anything.
Maybe I will lost what I have one day.
Maybe it is just life.
But I can’t lost myself at last,
I have many things need to do.
Whateve is the result,
I can’t forgive renounce my family.
I have my duty to protect them.
They are also the most important people in my life.
My other love!


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