So cool advertisement words

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 19 8 月, 2005

1.Time is what you make of it.(Swatch)
2.Make yourself heard.(Ericsson)
3.Engineered to move the human spirit.(Mercedes-Benz)
4.Start Ahead.(Rejoice)
5.A diamond lasts forever.(De Bierres)
6.Fresh-up with Seven-up.(Seven-up)
7.Intel Inside.(Intel Pentium)
8.Connecting People.(Nokia)
9.For the Road Ahead.(Honda)
10.Let us make things better.(Philips)
11.Enjoy Coca-Cola.(Coca-Cola)
12.Generation Next.(Pepsi)
13.The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.(Lexus)
14.Communication unlimited.(Motorola)
15.Feast your eyes.(Pond’s Cucumber Eye Treatment)
16.Focus on life.(Olympus)
17.Behind that healthy smile,there ’s a Crest kid.(Crest toothpaste)
18.Good to the last drop.
19.Obey your thirst.
20.The new digital era.
21.We lead. others copy.
22.Impossible made possible.
23.Take time to indulge.
24.Poetry in motion, dancing close to me.
25.Come to where the flavour is. marlboro country.
26.To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color.
27.Just do it.
28.Ask for more.
29.The taste is great.
30.Feel the new space.
31.Iintelligence everywhere.
32.The choice of a new generation.
33.We integrate, you communicate.
34.Take Toshiba, take the world.
35.No business too small, no problem too big.


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