Restore windows XP Regedit

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 26 11 月, 2005

  A.reboot computer,when it appear ‘choose starting operation system’,choose ‘F8′.  
  B.Choose ‘the lastest right configuration’by arrow key’,then press ‘Enter’.It should shut up’NUM LOCK’,the arrow key of number keyboard can become effective.  
  C.If there are two or more than two operation system,please choose the operation system you hope restore.Press “enter”.  
  After startup successfully,the REGEDIT will restore to the lastest status which is normal configuration. The solution is for problem that newly setuped driver falls short of hardware.But it can’t solve the problem which is brought on by loss and drop of drivers and files.The solution just stores the information in “HKLM\System\CurrentControlset”,and it can’t modify informations from REGEDIT ITEM.


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