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Register passport ! (Don’t work now.)

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 6月 16th, 2006

Register and passport !
1. go to register an passport account with an email address(without and
2. Sign in to with your passport that your just registered.
3. Paste to ie address bar, click “account” link at the bottom of this page.
4. Edit your registered information, input your birthday and change your Country/Region to United States.
5. Paste to ie address bar, then your can change your passport to
Please Readmore…

The Steps For Creating a Live.Com Email Address Is As Following The Above Given Steps Arent Enough in Some (or most ) cases
1.go to and register with ANY (except hotmail and MSN ) email Account (they wont even validate )
2.Go To and sign in with The Above Created Passport ID NOTE:dont just now go to this link in the same IE Window or Firefox Tab .> change the registration informations .fill in your name and all the necesary details as u wish but The Date of Birth is necessary and the Country Should Be Selected AS United States save the reg info in the above page and proceed t next step
5.go here in the same IE window or Firefox Tab and type in your passport password and the ID u wish (it neednt be the passport id or anything related to cud be nething LOL) and select “” [in my case i had only live but if u r seing only a “” here then u did something wrong after the step 2 or 3 so dash back before doing anything in this page proceed LOL u r now an owner of a id and u can sign into the all new live mail frm hope it worked for everyone besides tht

– If you do not change to US (skip step four), you’ll get domain address
– If you change to ‘China’, you’ll get domain address
– If you change to ‘Korea’, you’ll get domain address and so on…
– It seems like Windows Live Mail only works with addresses at the moment
– Please note that after migrating to domain, your previous NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email address will no longer be associated with passport
– Currently, it only works for NON-HOTMAIL/MSN email addresses (in Step 1)


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