Jingjue Kindom

Celn | Myself | 星期二, 8月 29th, 2006

These days,I am reading a  novel for ghoul.The novel is so good that I can learn many history knowledge.Though it is just a novel.And I notice there are many contents for lost kingdom.I search some pictures and introduction of Jinglun Kingdom.
The earliest record of Jingjue Kindom was preserved in the chapter “Records of the Westerm Regions of China”inthe book History of the Han Dynasty . It contains clear descriptions about this prosperous but small kindom .
According to historical sources ,  the ancient Jingjue Kindom was   at the southern end of theSilk Route , with a  distance of 8,820 li to Chang’an, the a ncient capital of Han Dynasty .Just like other places in China,it was under the control ofseveral offcials appointed by a central government .There were 480 families in the kingdom , with a  population of 3,360 and a military force of 500 .Enjoying a favorable geographical position , the Jingjue Kingdom played an active role in the communications between the central authorities and several other ancient kingdoms in  the Western Regions of China
In the Tang Dynasty , about 500 years after Han Dynasty , Xuan Zang , the famous Buddhist monk travelled through the Taklamakan Desert and  stopped overat Jingjue , known asNirang at that time . What he  saw was in sharp contrast to what had been recorded in .the History of the Han Dynasty. According to the records in his book Journey to the West, lying in marshes,the kindom was small , hot and humid . It was difficult to travel in this reed-covered region though it was the only route to go across the terrible desert. Once stepping out of  Qusadanna, the east of the kindom, the travelers were also out of Nirang .
The above descriptions were the final records about Jingjue Kindom , which then vanished between 1000 and 1600 A.D. in history


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