Happiness will come again

Celn | Myself | 星期二, 5月 9th, 2006

Are you aware that everythin in our life always seemingly imitates each other?
The things you encountered today appeared to have happened before, only the trivial details were somewhat different.
Take, the scene of love, for example, your lovers may have been different over the years, whereas there are many things you might also have experienced in the past. Falling in love is no more than the several specified phases. The flirtation between lovebirds is also simply about the several specified steps. Also the quarrel between the two is nothing but for the several specified reasons. The breakup, or failure in love, seems to bear lots of subtle resemblances to the previous one, too.
Things occur between friends, like jealousy, aloofness, is not fresh. Haven’t these sorts of things arisen between you and your friends before? This time, the roles have been exchanged only.
It is not only the people who appear in our lives that we seemingly have known, but also our life. Say you have once hurt the one who was deeply in love with you .And one day you were hurt by the one you were deeply in love with. It was not what we call nemesis, because there was no right or wrong about feelings between man and woman. Nor was there so called circulation. We considered startlingly that all the things before our eyes were out of nemesis, which were merely man’s life. The miscellaneous things in our life will originally imitate each other.
Love is like this, so is long or forever parting.
Happiness is like this, and so is sorrow.
To be a human will sometimes be tedious in that the things happened were too similar. To be a human will sometimes be fun, because we know happiness will come again due to similarity.
(From Chinadaily)
Deeply moved by the article.
yes,life is ceaselessly imitated each other.
Whatever you did,others will do it again.
Character determines what we do,and shapes our fate too.
We should think over before making a decision!


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