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Evection to Manila!

Celn | Myself | 星期一, 2月 13th, 2006

I finished my evection of Manila today.The scheduling was so compact.And I didn’t have time to visit the showplace in Manila.
We arrived Ninoy Aquino International Airport 23:40 pm 10 Feb 2006.We nearly spent one hour to finish all procedure.I was admiring the efficiency of custom.
When we arrived the Pavilion hotel,It was about 2:00 am 11 Feb.Oh,my god,my eyelid was nearly cloed when we were having night nosh.But the night life in Manila is so wonderful.Many persons drunk beside way or public house.Some family and persons wandered in street too.I think the life level in Philippines is lower than our country.Most of people in china can dress warmly and ear their fill.It is the basic need.
The afternoon of 11 Feb 2006,we went to Angelas City to attend a fifty wedding day.When we arrived,the ceremonial in church was inaugurating.They are catholic,
Angelas City
(Tomorrow is going)


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