Desert Eagle’s day!

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 31 12 月, 2005

I came to this world on the same day before more than twenty years
Time flies
I feel I changed so much for these years
Maybe it is pullulation
I still lonely celebrate the common and especial day by myself
I have been used to this way on my “producing” day
The day after tomorrow is the New Year’s Day
It is a new beginning of everything in general way
But in my opinion,everyday is different and extraordinary
Everyday is just one and only!
But I have wasted so many the only day.
I should seek my own fashion and target of life,
and try my best struggle for it!
Let’s treasure what we have and what we will have.
Happy everybody in my birthday!  
PS:The domain is the best gift to myself. was bron with me!


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