Cool call for some famous city!

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 6月 11th, 2006

Athens :The City Of Jasmines
Berne:The City Of Clocks And Watches Brazil:The Country Of Coffee
Canada:The Country Of Maple Leaves
Ecuador:The Equatorial Country
Egypt:The Country Of The Pyramids
Ethiopia:The Barefoot Country
Ghana:The Country Of Cocoa
Guba:The Country Of Sugarcane
Japan:The Country Of Cherries
Jerusalem:The Holy City
Lima:The City Of Drought
London:The City Of Fog
Lusaka:The City Of Copper
Malaysia:The Rubber Country
Mexico:The Cactus Country
Mexico City:The City Of Frescoes
New York:Big Apple
Panama:The Butterfly Country
Singapore:The Country Of Gardens
Tunisia:The Olive Country
Venice:The City Of Water
Washington:The City Of Snow
Wellington:The City Of Wind


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