To a sophisticated person there is nothing new under the sun.

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 7月 29th, 2006

Everything has gone
Never play again
please treasure what you have


Celn | Myself | 星期五, 7月 28th, 2006

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
How many people actually have true friends?Hardly anyone I know.But some of us have all right friends and good friends.


Celn | Myself | 星期四, 7月 27th, 2006

There is honor among thieves.
It is a adage in China.
It is the same with business too.
Principle — We should follow!

Why smoke?

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 7月 23rd, 2006

not a craving for tobacco
Just for loneliness

WordPress Emotion

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 7月 22nd, 2006

Emotion plugin is ok now
Visitor can choose the emotion images you like,when he post  a comment
Welcome to test!

Thai Food

Celn | Myself | 星期三, 7月 19th, 2006

It is my first time to eat Thai food today
But I feel Thai food is not bad.
The soup is acid and peppery
the acid is different from vinegar
I feel it looks like the lemon a little.
The Curry is so spicy and tempting
Rice with curry is suited for me.
In a word,I like Thai food.

Cool hairstyle

Celn | Myself | 星期二, 7月 18th, 2006

Tonight I got a firenew and cool hairstyle
Look into the mirror
I feel,in fact,I am a handsome man


Celn | Myself | 星期一, 7月 17th, 2006

go to take a walk now
What can I do?

Two Movies

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 7月 16th, 2006

Do nothing
See two movies
Election II and Minority Report
They are so cool!

Thphoon Bilis is arrived

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 7月 15th, 2006

It is arrived.
But the infection to Xiamen is not serious
Just Shower and gust
Because the typhoon passed from the North of Fujian.
Xiamen is in the south of Fujian.
It is not in the rainstorm range of Bilis.
Hope everyone is ok!

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