It is labour day tomorrow!

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 30 4 月, 2006

The labour day is coming.
And the most will have 7 days as holiday in china.
But I have to go company as watch.
Because there will be a fire protection contruction from 1.May to 4.May.
My holidays is from 3.May to 9.May
Howsoever,Hope everyone has a nice holiday!

Night is never asleep

Celn | Myself | 星期三, 26 4 月, 2006

Loaf and vagabondize around the city all night.
Just try to wearily release fastidium
Miss is endlessly spreading with loneliness
Momentarily it gnawed into my heart
The florid shade is just awake time of dream
Forget the one who I ever loved!
How to trust the alleged whole heart?
It is just bam me by myself.
If ever loved then part in this way,it may be just foredoom
If parted then gave up in this way,it doesn’t need to reply
Shouting voice is flying over around late-night air.
Who can I show my heart to?
I tried to recall the memory,but I don’t feel sweet
Let the past events fall into heavy night as the shooting star
I am waiting for the desired dawn,but I can’t be awake.
Let the boundless dark night silently rend me……

What will happen tomorrow?

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 16 4 月, 2006

no words.
Bearing now!

Evection to Shandong again!

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 15 4 月, 2006

Negotiation with a India company
Hope Success!
I will come back next tuesday

Back to Xiamen!

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 14 4 月, 2006

I have been not in Xiamen for five days.
Because I have been back to home!
I got the leave from my boss.
My brother is back
I am eager to see him,he didn’t come back when the spring festival.
My father,my brother,I went to tidy our ancestor’s tomb.
Then I went to Miaoqian to see my grandmother.
I didn’t see her more than one year.
My mother told me that my grandmother is a little sick.
I am so worrying about her.Hope the buddha bless she can have a good health!
New house of my great-uncle was finished.
It is so beautiful!
We had a happy party in the new house last night!
Most of aunts and great-uncles have joined.
We enjoyed ourself!
Hope our lives will become more and more well!

China & India

Celn | Myself | 星期一, 3 4 月, 2006

Is there a show down brewing between these two Giants? Why does China not want India in the Security Council?“China Opposes India’s Bid for U.N.S.C. Seat Another sign of pro-active containment of India is Beijing’s opposition to any move to expand the veto-holding permanent membership of the U.N. Security Council. With the exception of China, the remaining four permanent members have voiced their support for expansion of U.N.S.C. permanent membership, with the United States supporting Japan while Russia, France and Britain are supporting India’s bid.The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has now made it clear that while Beijing is willing to see India occupy a seat in the semi-permanent or non-permanent category, it remains opposed to having its Asian rivals — India or Japan — sitting in the U.N.S.C. permanent membership category. ”