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Go home tomorrow!

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 3月 31st, 2006

Tomorrow is friday,and I have finished company’s affairs.
I have got two days as my holiday from my boss.
And I will go home by passenger car tomorrow.
The most important thing is paying respects to my ancestor at their tomb.
It is a tradition in china when Tomb-sweeping Day is coming.
I will be back after next monday!
Go to bed now,good night,everyone!

Upgrade WordPress to 2.0.2 version

Celn | Myself | 星期二, 3月 28th, 2006

It is NOT necessary to run install.php or upgrade.php as no changes are made to the database. As with all WordPress upgrades, the contents of your /wp-content/ folder should remain intact and unchanged.
1.Delete /wp-admin/ folder.
2.Delete /wp-includes/ folder. Note: You must backup /wp-includes/languages/ directory if exists.
3.Delete all the wordpress files in the root directory where the root index.php file is found. DO NOT DELETE wp-config.php.
4.Download and extract the new version.
5.Upload it to the appropriate folders such as /wp-admin/ and /wp-includes/.
6.Upload all the files in the root directory.
7.If existed, restore /wp-includes/languages/ directory
That’s it.
I think it should be better!

2006 C&D Xiamen International Marathon & National Marathon Championships

Celn | Myself | 星期六, 3月 25th, 2006

The championships was in Xiamen city.
It was rainy today.
But all athletes still stick to finish the championships.
My cousin came to visit me.And I have no time to watch the match.

A list of do’s and don’t’s from Chinese President Hu Jin-tao

Celn | Myself | 星期三, 3月 22nd, 2006

Love, do not harm the motherland.
Serve, don’t disserve the people.
Uphold science; don’t be ignorant and unenlightened.
Work hard; don’t be lazy and hate work.
Be united and help each other; don’t gain benefits at the expense of others.
Be honest and trustworthy, not profit-mongering at the expense of your values.
Be disciplined and law-abiding instead of chaotic and lawless.
Know plain living and hard struggle, do not wallow in luxuries and pleasures.
My viewpoint:
What he said are really good.
The words are actual and common
But they are like my rule for life.
President Hu is really a crackajack chief in my opinion.
I enjoy him!

Tour to West Lake!

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 3月 12th, 2006

Today is rainy,but raindrop is small.
My friend and I visited the West Lake in Hangzhou city.
I was eager to visit West Lake all along when I knew the story of it.
In my memory,ancient poets would like to intone poem beside West Lake with a cup of alcohol.
There is a myth from West Lake.The myth is for the love of a snake bogey and a man.
The love story is always romantic.Though they ran so much hardships,they lives together in the end.
We walked around the lake slowly,then we took some photoes.
Please look these photoes of West Lake:Monument of Revolt Japanese Aggression!

Extend MSN email account storage!

Celn | Myself | 星期三, 3月 8th, 2006

As we all know,Micosoft company supply custom domains service
We can create up to 60 email account.
But what the problem is that email storage is too small.It is only 2MB.
Now we have a way to extend the storage.
1.Modify the country in address as US.
2.Close Account
3.sign in again and activte the account.
After finishing them,you will find the storage becomes 25MB.And all mails are still in the inbox.
If you need it,please have a try!


Celn | Myself | 星期一, 3月 6th, 2006

Originally,my boss arranged that I should go to Shandong tonight.
He has bought the ticket for me.
But his friend changed his mind
Then we had to canceled our plan.
These two days,there were many things for myself.
I thought so much about my future.
In truth,it is my downturn.
Which way I select is so important for me.
What can I do now?
Just struggle!

Finish feasibility report!

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 3月 3rd, 2006

My god,it is 2:08AM.
I finally finished my report of company!
I am so tired.
I think I will get up after ten o’clock.
Hope my boss will not blame me!
Good night,everyone!