Not do anything and just following the nature!

Celn | Myself | 星期二, 24 5 月, 2005

After a day work
I like writing something on web every time
I know maybe there will nobody see my words
I think it is just a way to release myself
May I don’t need to think about so many things every day
But my heart refuse to stop thinking
Doesn’t everyone must be so tired?
I don’t think so……….
Today I watch TV,there is a story tell me a truth:
Not do anything and just following the nature!
It is a famous mind in antiquity and from a famous minder.
His name is LAOZI
Suddenly I understand what the word mean.
I will find a new way to adjust myself
Do what I can do,not do what I can’t do!
I must control myself and my life!

D.E. Heavy Equipment

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 22 5 月, 2005

D.E Heavy Equipment offers you many options of both Undercarriage Parts and auto spare parts.We match our undercarriage to your machine’s application, and increasing the value of your machine.

Choosing the right undercarriage depends on many factors,the amount of travel time,underfoot conditions, desired life, and maneuverability requirements.We offer several size options of undercarriage for use in each of these situations.

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Welcome to D.E Heavy Equipment

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We are paying all attention to new objective if “Second take-off” as a world wide undercarriage and GET maker. We will meet you with constantly reliable quality and attractive price. Thank you very much!

Our product lines include:
Construction machine spare parts, such as track rollers, carrier rollers, idlers, sprockets, chains, teeth, yokes, etc.

Work tools:
Bucket,Bucket Tooth,Bucket Adapter,Side Cutters,Steel Sections,End Bits,Ripper Shanks,Shovel Tooth,Cutting Edges,Pin & Locks etc

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What is the result of waiting?

Celn | Myself | 星期日, 22 5 月, 2005

In my opinion
everyone is waiting for their own result in their life!
The results may be good or bad,
but they must come.
The results depend on what they did.
I have spent my 24 years in my life,
I often think about what is the result at the end of my life?
In fact,
I feel there will have someting to happen.
They are what I worry about in my heart.
May be the course is what I have done.
But I think I have tried my best do what I can do.
Don’t I must follow my life?
I just can do my best,
I can’t order anyone to do anything.
Maybe I will lost what I have one day.
Maybe it is just life.
But I can’t lost myself at last,
I have many things need to do.
Whateve is the result,
I can’t forgive renounce my family.
I have my duty to protect them.
They are also the most important people in my life.
My other love!

Busy work day!

Celn | Myself | 星期五, 13 5 月, 2005

Every day is busy after arriving Xiamen.
Sometimes,I feel very terrible
I don’t know what to say